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We are firm supporters of the Vietnam Veterans of America organization. My husband and father are both military veterans and we are VERY proud of all our military veterans and thankful for the sacrifices that were made so that we may live as free citizens. We have offers that we feel will benefit our awesome and deserving veterans. Insurance is a very important benefit for our veterans. We are all aging and we need good quality insurance.

Who Are the Vietnam Veterans of America?

The goals of the VVA are to support and promote all issues that are important to Vietnam Veterans. They wish to create a new identity for Vietnam Veterans and they want to change the publics perception of this generation of military veterans.

VVA's First Principle:

VVA holds as its first principle that the organization is measured by deeds and openness as evidence of the core values of justice, integrity, and meaningful achievement.

VVA's Organization:

  • There are over 50,000 individual members.
  • There are 525 local chapters.
  • There are 43 State Councils.
  • A National Board of Directors.

VVA's Founding Principle

"Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another."

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