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Vietnam Veterans Health Benefits

In 1996, the Health Care Eligibility Reform Act provided millions of Vietnam veterans with an overall health benefits package that covers a variety of conditions. Veterans and their families were made eligible for health care benefits that many did not have before. Do you need insurance? These benefits cover health conditions that occurred during their service in Vietnam. Requirements are service in the armed forces for at least 24 months and not having a dishonorable discharge.

Basic Medical Expenses Are Covered

Because of their service in Vietnam, many veterans of the war and their families are eligible for basic medical care, which includes routine physicals and dental visits. Vets and their families can use these services for free. For many families, this benefit is essential because they can have access to affordable health care when they need it.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription medication is one of the largest health care expenses. Many families have been struggling to keep up with spiraling costs. Under the Health Care Eligibility Reform Act, Vietnam veterans and their families are able to receive over-the-counter medication and prescription drugs through the Veterans Administration's national formulary system.

Outpatient Services

Under the medical benefits package for Vietnam veterans, outpatient medical services are covered. This includes emergency care you require outside of the VA health system, surgical services, mental health treatment, drug or alcohol abuse treatment, and chiropractic treatment. If something happens to you or your family and you are unable to get to the VA, this package will cover your expenses during an emergency at other health care providers.


The benefits package for Vietnam veterans and their families covers hospitalization costs, which include inpatient care at any VA hospital, surgery, mental health services and substance abuse. During a time when health care services can be expensive, this is ideal for those vets who want high quality health care but can't afford the premiums of private health insurance.

VVA's Founding Principle

"Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another."

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