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Veterans Administration Survivor Benefits

You, as a spouse survivor stood behind your veteran spouse, the VA stands ready to stand behind you now when you most need it.

VA Benefits For Veterans' Spouses, Dependents, and Survivors

Family members and dependents of Servicemembers who have died or were seriously injured in the line of duty may be eligible for many types of VA benefits. These benefits may be used to advance in a career, get an education, or provide supplementary income. Surviving spouses may benefit from VA-guaranteed home loans, too.

Explore other VA benefits you may have earned as a spouse, child, or parent of a Veteran or Servicemember by visiting these pages:

  • Disability Compensation - VA provides monthly benefits to eligible surviving spouses, parents, and dependent children.
  • Education and Training - VA provides education and training opportunities for some eligible spouses, dependents, and survivors.
  • Employment Services - If you're a spouse, dependent, or survivor looking for career guidance or training to increase your skills, check out VA benefits today.
  • Health Care - Veterans' spouses, dependents, and survivors may be eligible for VA health care benefits.
  • Home Loans and Housing Related Assistance - VA offers home loan guaranty programs for eligible surviving spouses of Veterans.
  • Life Insurance - VA provides life insurance coverage to eligible Veterans and their families.
  • Memorial Benefits - VA offers burial services to spouses, dependents, and survivors.
  • VVA's Founding Principle

    "Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another."

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