Vietnam Veterans of America VVA

Veterans Administration Benefits (V.A.)

The Veterans Administration offers a wide range of benefits for our nations military veterans, servicemembers, and their families.

What Benefits Does the V.A. Provide?

The following is a list of some of the services and benefits categories the VA provides:

  • Compensation

  • Pension

  • Health Care

  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

  • Education and Training

  • Home Loans

  • Life Insurance

  • Dependents and Survivors

  • Burial

    Who is eligible for Veterans Administration Benefits?

  • Veterans

  • Veterans dependents

  • Surviving spouse, child, or parent of a deceased veteran

  • Active duty service member

  • Member of the National Guard or Reserves

    VVA's Founding Principle

    "Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another."

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